Friday, 11 May 2012

Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe

The game is set in the Aztec Pyramids, Mexico. Icon toads and god solar storm in 2012; the sun into a badge on the front page Zuma Deluxe. This game consists of two modes of play, the Gauntlet and Adventure

Gauntlet mode is a simple game to collect the numbers game or score as much as possible, while the adventure is a game mode to unlock a stage (the game) and to raise a new level.

When I first played, there are only some stages can be selected for Gauntlet mode. Some stage again remained hidden and can only be used if it has been achieved in Adventure mode.

Zuma Deluxe consists of four stages, namely Rabbit, Eagle, Jaguar, and the Sun God. Each stage is played 7 levels with different difficulties. In addition, the color of the ball also distinguishes each stage. Stage 1-4 plays 4 balls of red, blue, green, and yellow. On stage is then added purple and silver balls.

Stage to stage-13 are additional and are the lastest .Stage has sky background like the sky. In contrast to previous levels, at this level the track ball is not visible so as to obscure the view of the eye.

The mission of this game, both Gauntlet and Adventure, is to prevent the ball into the skull hole .Mouth this skull will open if the ball is approaching and will suck all the ball if the ball is at the front entrance to the hole. To prevent this, we have to shoot colored balls at least 2 same colored balls together to move forward towards the hole. When hit, the ball will explode and move backwards.

When starting the game, we will have three lives had been marked by three children picture, frog pictures on the left of the screen. Lives will be reduced if the ball into the skull. Life will increase each of us reach 50,000. Throughout the game there is also a bonus ball, such as crushing the ball (bomb), stop, pull back, and the sights so that the ball accurately.

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